Gospel Storytelling–Part 8–Release Your Story

Well, this will be the final post in this initial series on Gospel Storytelling.  Now that you have developed your personal Gospel Story and you are ready to naturally give testimony of the Gospel’s impact on your life, the only thing left is to begin to pray that the Lord will give you an opportunity to share it.

Simply pray that the Lord will show you the opportunities that already exist in the natural path and pace of your life.  You really do not need to create chances to share, they most likely already exist, you just need to open your eyes to the relationships that God has prepared for you and from love share your story as opportunity arises.

Just remember two simple rules.  First, don’t force the sharing of your story, just let it happen naturally.  Be ready at any time to share your story.  Secondly, remember to never make people a project.  Simply be ready to share with them out of love and concern for them.  Be patient, the chances will come if you are ready!

Enjoy the chances you are given to share God’s love for you!