Gospel Storytelling-Part 7–Begin Sharing Your

Over the last number of weeks, we have been working through the process of discovering, recording and writing down our Gospel Stories. If you have not been following along on this project check out the previous posts on Gospel Storytelling.  

If you have been following along, we are getting very close to the end. Next week will be our final installment of this series.  

Putting Your Story to Work:  This week I want to encourage you to begin to put feet to your story.  You hopefully have had a chance to write your story down according to the framework laid out last week, and hopefully have read it daily since then as you were encouraged to do.

Now, I want you to find one or two people to share your story with.  I want these to be Christian friends or family.  Please inform them that you have been working on learning to be a Gospel Storyteller and that you would like to share your BRIEF story with them.  Try and tell your story following the way you have written it, but tell it without reading it from the paper.  

It is ok if you mess up a bit, just don’t get frustrated.  This is just for practice and to get some experience telling your story.  Make sure to not take off down any “rabbit trails”.  Stick to the script as much as possible.  

When you are done with your story, allow your listener to ask any questions they may have.  Also, ask your listener if there were any parts that were not clear, or not spoken well.  Take their advice to heart and then adjust your story later if needed.  

One last encouragement: don’t think that you can’t share your story with your family, your wife and children specifically .  You may think they know your story, but they may never have heard it communicated in such a clear and concise method.  They might truly enjoy hearing it!